Massage Therapy is one of the oldest natural healing arts. Records date back nearly 4000 years.
Here are a few of the benefits:
=> relieves muscular tension, spasm and stiffness
=> increases the removal of metabolic wastes from the body’s tissues due to injuries, over-activity and under-activity
=> relieves chronic headaches, back pain, whiplash, joint and muscle pain
=> breaks up adhesions (scar tissue) resulting from injuries and muscular imbalances
=> assists in rebalancing muscle structure (scoliosis, sway back, post – surgery)
=> helps to normalize the activity of the glands and organs through reflex action on the nerves
=> aids in certain respiratory conditions
=> stabilizes and improves the immune system by increasing lymphatic circulation and venous return and re-establishing deep breathing
=> increases the awareness of the body/mind connection, creating a sense of harmony
Benefits of Massage Therapy article/video